Sunday, March 17, 2013

Pink vs. green

Um, you guys? I have pink eye. Bad. My right eye is practically swollen shut. I've never felt more beautiful, really.
Party game: Which eye is infected?
Yesterday my eye was just kind of bugging me. I felt like there was an eyelash or something in there that I just couldn't get out. By the time we had dinner, it was pretty obvious what was going on. It was driving me so insane that I started rubbing it... and here we are: Crapville. It's probably against some kind of code, but anyway, we still have drops from Johanna's bout a couple of weeks ago, so. And supposedly compresses work, so there's that. Oh my God, what if I still look like this tomorrow? How can I go to work?!

I promised Abby we'd go into town today, but I'm thinking maybe not. I'm vain, okay? And lacking an eyepatch. And, let's be honest, making babies cry isn't exactly good for a girl's self esteem.


P.S. Eric thinks it's hilarious. I'm maybe slightly less amused. "It's appropriate that you would get a childhood disease," he snickers. Um, because I'm a child. HA HA HA. (Those are sarcastic "ha's," by the way.) Oh, sure, now he's being sympathetic, but he won't let me take a trip to the emergency room? Does he not understand how serious a blow this is to my pride? Men.

So anyway, in other news, Johanna made her First Confession yesterday. I'm not sure what they're learning in CCD, but she was all, I can't run very fast because my heart is heavy, but after I go to Confession I'll be fast again, and I was like, you're EIGHT. How heavy can your heart be?

Abby reminded us that after her First Confession, we took her to dinner, so we went out last night to celebrate Johanna. Fair is fair. She chose a Mexican restaurant, and had a plate of rice and beans with a bean burrito and kept saying, I love life!, and giving her scoops of food kisses before putting them in her mouth, so overall, I'd say dinner was a big hit. Well, it isn't every day you make a Sacrement. A bean burrito seems the least we could do.

Eric has now graciously volunteered to go to town for me, so I guess I need to make a grocery list. It's the pinkest St. Patrick's Day ever.

This is why I just like navy blue.

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