Sunday, March 10, 2013

May I take a nap now?

So let's see here: I haven't really gotten my mental health day yet, but since Johanna finally went back to school on Friday, I did have like three hours to myself, which was kind of awesome. Um, I used them to clean house. Boring! Except the whole house stayed clean for those three hours and I got to listen to really loud music, so win.

Also: Am I the only one who knows how to load and unload the dishwasher? Looking at you, family. This isn't rocket science.

And: I hate daylight saving time. PICK A TIME AND STICK WITH IT, jeez. Quit being drunk, Congress.

Moving RIGHT along...

Because I'm a magnet for the odd, I was privileged to get a close, personal view of fossilized dinosaur poop right at my own desk last week at work. Um, gross. Also, how do you KNOW it's fossilized dinosaur poop, dude? I mean, no, I'm not trying to argue the fact that it's fossilized because clearly, yes, you have a point there, but how do you know it's from a dinosaur? I would imagine it would be, ahem, bigger than that. No, you cannot make me touch that, so quit asking. And how is collecting this stuff a good idea on any level?

Thank God he only brought in three specimens and not the entire collection.

Story #2 (HA! Get it?): Johanna recovered from her ailments just in time for the last skate night at school. I was glad because I'd volunteered an entire week prior to take money at the door, and I was thinking that going alone was not really something I wanted to do. Actually, going at all was not something I wanted to do, but my conscience gets the best of me and I volunteer to do stuff. I don't know, it's a character flaw. Anyway, so Johanna and I went, and it was kind of stupid because the other volunteer came with her son, who wanted to take the money, which was fine if you don't mind a kindergartener trying to count back your change, whatever, over it, so all I really did was sit there and periodically yell at the fifth graders to STAY OUT OF THE FOYER. But eventually I got to go sit down on the bleachers and take in the whole awful scene. Skate night was nearly over, and I was trying to figure out the chances of me getting the skates off Johanna before the last song actually played when the fire alarm starts blaring. Nice. So Johanna was a boss and whipped off her skates and was out the door as directed in no time, except she was worried that her school was burning down and didn't quite believe me when I was all, no, it was probably just some idiot kid.

She took issue with my word choice, but I wasn't feeling very giving at that particular moment, even though it did get me out of there more quickly than I'd have ever hoped.

P.S. I bought some honest to God vanilla-flavored creamer at the grocery store this morning and am thinking about making another pot of coffee just to use it. Mmm, coffee!

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