Saturday, June 30, 2012

June Pointless Lists

End of June.  The 40th birthday breakdown countdown begins in earnest.  Eric says that I've spent so much time worrying about turning 40 that I've wasted being 39.  He may have a point.

We had some visitors recently that were sort of cute in a creepy, run-into-the-house-screaming kind of way:

Eric and Abby were outside, as were the cats, so I crept around to where they were and whispered, I don't want to alarm you, but there's SKUNKS out by the playhouse.  And Eric was all, did you take pictures?  And I was all, hello, I mentioned the skunk part, right?  But I went in and got him the camera because I'm obedient like that, I guess, plus I figured if he were dumb enough to take pictures I should just let him.  So he's out there about two feet from these guys snapping away.  He told me that it was okay because babies don't have... what?  Skunky smelly sacks?  And I was all, you know there's a mom out there too, right?

Happy ending: The skunks (who I dubbed Skunk Family Robinson--four babies and a mama) left and Eric didn't get sprayed.  And now I have a picture of skunks on the playhouse steps to show all my Facebook friends.

Pointless List time!

Books read:
So I'm still plugging along on Clash of Kings.  It's excellent.  I just haven't had much time to read this month (well, I worked full time there for a while, and then it's summer and... I'm doing other stuff, I guess).  Plus this sucker is even longer than the last book.  Excuses, I know.

I love the whole Game of Thrones world.  I love that George R. R. Martin (jeez, can we get another initial in there?) takes his time to tell the story.  I love Arya and Jon the most.  And I like Tyrion, too.  He's entertaining.

Movies watched:
Abby and Eric had The Karate Kid on the other night.  I listened to it from the safety of the other room.  Then I came in at the end so I could see Daniel going all Crane Move on whats-his-face.  That was satisfying.  Oh, and Eric and I watched Beyond the Pale by Jim Gaffigan.  That is one funny dude who really likes food.  Here, watch this.  P.S. Netflix won't let me link.  Whatever.

Canning and freezing exploits:
Well, no canning yet, I guess, but I did make a batch of pesto and three batches of a spinach / cilantro / onion  mix that we like in enchiladas and a Mexican-style lasagna.  Oh, and I froze some rhubarb chunks.  I expect July will be a little more interesting.

Garden update:
P.S. I took these pictures with my poser iPad, and I realize they're not that great.  You can only do so much, Internet.

Basil!  I just plucked many leaves off all three bushes,
and it's already growing back.  Basil is awesome.

Lettuce / weeds.  And hey, our spinach ended up living
after all.  Weird.

Sweet little pansy ground cover.  Hey, it's my blog and
I can post whatever I want.

Tomatoes have been a little disappointing.  They should be
bigger than this, but alas, they are not.

Cilantro, carrots, dill and beans, respectively.
Zucchini at the back.

We have no idea what this is--it's a
volunteer that Eric transplanted--but
it's doing great. 

Raspberries are full to bursting.

Blackberries have potential.

Neighbor's cherry orchard.

Someone was complaining the other day about all the
feet pictures on the Internet.  How can I resist a set-up
like that?  I'm just not that strong.

Things I learned:
Summer vacation is LONG.

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