Sunday, June 24, 2012

Building towered foresight

So Eric just dyed my hair, and I have to say that having a husband who isn't afraid to crack open a bottle of Light Ash Brown and get to it is pretty awesome.  Usually he and Abby tackle my hair together, but Abs is drawing and couldn't be bothered.  Which is cool.  Totally understand.

Why Abby didn't help.

We went to see Maggie Mae yesterday, and wow, that is one adorable baby.  Clara said she's almost up to four pounds.  I was expecting small, but Maggie just sort of looked petite.  Like a doll, really.  She was feeding, so those little blue eyes were having a hard time staying open, but I could tell this kid is advanced, and also I'm pretty sure she was smiling at us.

P.S. Maggie's closet is pretty adorable, too.  Is there anything cuter than a onesie?  No.  No, there is not.  

(Thanks for letting us visit, Clara, and being so cool about our tardiness.)

Abby and I went in first--you can only have two visitors at a time--and then I came out and Eric went in, and then Abby came out and I went back in again.  You had to be at least 12 to gain entry, so poor Johanna spent her time in the waiting room playing Temple Run on my poser iPad.  She really wanted to see Maggie, too, but she took the shut out in stride.  Johanna is pretty great like that.

Also: Have I ever mentioned Johanna has learned to forge Eric's signature?  It's actually sort of impressive.

You'd think I'd have some work stories, but alas, I don't.  I'm back to part time again, which is really the way to go.  Sleeping in is pretty great, as is having a few hours to get chores done around the house before conquering the world.  Maybe someday I will want to work full time... but that day is not today.

Oh, well, I guess I could tell you that I got into a fight with Cranky Steve on his birthday, so I'm probably going to Hell.  He was making disparaging remarks about the Planning Department, and I cannot abide by that.  That's where Eric works, you see.  To make myself look better, I will casually mention I wasn't actually fighting with Cranky Steve.  More like just presenting another side of the argument with my voice raised an octave higher than normal.  

I probably should have just let him rant, though, because what I didn't know at that particular time is that his clean bill of health after his Frankenstein-esque melanoma scrape was reascended by his doctor and now he has to wait ten days for test results to come back.  No wonder he was cranky.


R.E.M., Fall on Me.  Because that's what shuffled up JUST as I finished writing.  That's a sign, yo.  Because as we all know, feathers hit the ground before the weight can leave the air.

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