Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The fruit is calling from the trees

Garden update: It takes longer to pick these days than it does to water.  I really should have started garden updates sooner, just for my own personal reference, although the weather has been so wacky that perhaps this isn't a good representation of when things should be ready anyway.

The raspberries are about finished, but the blackberries are coming on strong.  The peas are getting pretty pathetic, but the beans are going crazy.  I don't even want to think about the zucchini.  Those suckers are insane.  Last night I grated the pile on the counter and ended up with five quart bags and one gallon bag of shreds "for later use," as well as a case of carpel tunnel.  

But!  I've picked the first Roma!  Isn't it pretty?

(Is it just me, or does my hand look sort of wrinkly?  That will teach me to mess around with iPhoto.)

All this is fine, but is not actually what I had planned to write about.  (Not that I ever have a plan, though I do like to pretend sometimes.)  What I wanted to write about is that I hope that the "hip hugger" trend ends soon.  I get tired of hiking my pants up all the time.  I feel self-conscious, even out there in my garden. 

And I'm pretty sure the neighbors are tired of seeing my behind area when I'm hunkered down over the beans.

I know this because they're always shouting, "Hey!  Say no to crack!" over the fence.

Just kidding.  We don't have a fence.  They actually just email me.

Kidding again.  They don't email me; they email the Homeowners Association.

Ha!  We don't even have a Homeowners Association, so they have to do it the old fashioned way--talk loudly about it in front of their kid, so when they pop by for a visit, the kid will say something like, "Hey, Trish, Mom says you need to pull up your pants when you're picking beans," and the mom will be all like, "Why Gracie, I do declare!  Wherever did you hear that?" and the kid is all, "Uh, you told Daddy that last night," and the mom is all, "WHAT DID I TELL YOU ABOUT INCRIMINATING ME?"

Okay, fine.  I made that up, too.  (No one says "I do declare" around here.)  But seriously, when are the good ol' high waists of the '80s going to come back?  Because I think the time is ripe for something like that to really take off again.  I, for one, will be first in line.

I think it's only fitting that tonight's song be "Low," by Cracker.  (Snicker.)

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