Monday, August 15, 2011

Need that picture of you

Photos Abby has taken with her iPod Touch:

("I love his face!")

("This guy kinda looks like Dumbledore, without the beard and all the hair and crap.  And he was ticked and he made a funny face.")

(Apparently this guy looks like her choir teacher, except without the Converse.  She was talking too fast to get an actual quote.)

("AWWWWWESOME!"  Personally, I like the arrow in its eye.)

Next up, if I can steal her iPod for half a second, will be the Abby-eyed view of the family reunion we attended on Saturday.  We shall see, we shall see...

UPDATE: Apparently Abby deleted all her pictures from the reunion.  So that's sort of disappointing.

I'm no Lady Gaga fan, but Abby is, and as far as that all goes, THIS SONG isn't so bad.

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