Sunday, August 28, 2011

Now I'm ready, yeah I'm ready, to start all over without you

Oh, Netflix.  What the hell?  Here's a breakdown of my gripe:

  1. When we joined ten months ago, streaming and DVDs were part of the same plan for $7.99
  2. A couple months later, it increased a buck
  3. A couple months after that, it increased another buck
  4. No biggie; I'm cool with that
  5. BUT
  6. Starting Sept. 1, Netflix is separating their streaming and DVD plans, each now costing $7.99
  7. Which sucks
  8. Because you actually need both plans to make Netflix worth it
  9. The streaming selection is pretty crappy, unless you like kids' TV shows and don't mind the "retrieving" messages that show up way too often at the worst possible moments
  10. The DVD selection is better, but there's waiting involved, so we average like four movies a month
  11. See?  The streaming supplements the DVDs, and the DVDs supplement the streaming
  12. But $16 a month?
  13. I think not
  14. So we've let our DVD plan go
  15. Last night we decided to watch a movie
  16. We watched AVALON HIGH, a made for Disney Channel extravaganza
  17. Because that was our best option
  18. And you know what?
  19. FOUR "retrieving" messages
  20. And a really crappy movie
  21. Is this what we get to look forward to now?
  22. I don't really want to let it go because we don't have cable and the kids like to watch the shows from Nick and Disney
  23. And I suppose you could argue that we don't watch a lot of movies anyway
  24. But if Avalon High is the best that streaming can do for us
  25. Then we might need to rethink this whole ordeal

500 Miles to Memphis, "The Regret."  Because the good times we had are gone and they ain't coming back.