Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Half an hour is 30 days

Since Eric works next door to me, separated only by that big hill / road betwixt us, one of my hobbies--actually, one of the hobbies of all of us at the front desk--is to watch Eric leave work and walk towards his truck, which is always parked above our office.  The front of our building is all glass, so sometimes he cannot see me, depending on reflections.  This leaves me no choice but to exit the building and go talk to him.  Well, sort of yell up to him, actually.  Observe:

X (Eric)

  The great wall of separation

                    X (me)

My artistry is truly a thing of beauty, I know this, so please don't feel like you need to compliment me on my usage of Xs and lines.  Some things are simply innate.

This afternoon, I had just gotten off the phone (and received a bit of an ass kicking) when Stacey calls out, hey!  It's Eric!  And I'm all, I need to go tell him that I am despondent and despairing.  And Stacey was all, see you when you get back.

I love Stacey.

Eric was all like, hey!  And I was all like, this day was great until 4, and now it's all gone to hell, and I just got in trouble by the public.  And he was like, well, I hope you have a better evening.  And I was like, I will NOT either, because now I'm despondent, and I have nothing planned for dinner, and our children are driving me CRAZY.  And he was all, uh.  And I was all, have a good time at racquetball, darling!

The end.  (You weren't waiting for a point, were you?)

Toad the Wet Sprocket, "All in All."  Because I want to catch the wind and hold it down.

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