Monday, August 22, 2011

Mad recap

It appears that my public (hi, Mom!) has noticed that I haven't written since I fainted on Thursday.  Everything is fine, except that my arm bruise looks way worse and still hurts (but only when I poke it, as I must do every so often to see if it still hurts).  I've just been busy doing awesome stuff and things.

Let's recap, shall we?

Friday.  Work was boring and looooong.  Eric and I had planned to watch a movie (500 Days of Summer), but I wasn't in the mood even if it was crunch time 'cause we're letting our Netflix plan lapse (well, not the Netflix on Demand, just the Netflix in the mailbox).  Instead, I went on iTunes and made the family listen to 69-cent songs.  There's a reason these songs are half price or whatevs, but that's some fun right there.  I found Salt-n-Peppa (Push It!), but Eric wouldn't let me download that one.  He doesn't understand why early rap is awesome or why downloading a song because it's hilarious makes good economic sense.

But!  I found some great stuff by Paramore, and P.O.D., and Green Day.  For 69-cents!  And then Abby wanted "Eye of the Tiger," and how could I say no to THAT?  Later I played the Hair Metal Band list for Eric, and that was sort of fun.  He guessed every one correctly. Ah, memory lane, I doth love thee.

Onto Saturday.  The girls and I had a plan of action: School supplies.  This ALMOST spawned a "Reasons Why I Hate Wal-Mart in No Particular Order" entry, but I got to reason seven and gave the whole enterprise up.  (Maybe another time.)  Wal-Mart is one big labyrinth of despair.  Lord forbid two people with carts end up on the same aisle.  I felt sort of like I was in the bumper cars at the fair and the other drivers were high.  I'm surprised we got out unscathed.

I'll admit that I threw a couple of fits (Wal-Mart tends to chip away my resolve), but the girls were AWESOME.  They didn't let the utter chaos of the school supply aisles get them down.  I was ever so proud.  It took us about an hour to get 'er all done, which was a miracle of epic proportions, given the fact that forty thousand people decided to get their school supplies that day.

Next was ice cream.  The girls got cones and we went to sit at a nearby park and just take in the scene.  (I asked to see the ingredient list in a bout of pointless optimism.  Ah, well,  Who wants ice cream anyway?)  The girls were so happy, and the day was so lovely.  All the suckiness of Wal-Mart seemed very far away.

Oh yeah, and Johanna did all this barefoot.  We were halfway to town when she announced that SOMEHOW she had forgotten to put on shoes.  I suppose the fact we were getting in the car to go to town was not a big enough tip-off that perhaps shoes would be required.

That night Eric and I finally watched 500 Days of Summer, and while it was a good movie and all, it sort of made me mad.  Why did Summer lead Tom on like that?  And why didn't I believe the narrator when he said it wasn't a love story?  (Words, not actions?  What?  It makes my head hurt to think about, so I won't.)

And then Sunday.  We decided to just face our destiny and get the girls outfitted for school.  We went to The Big City (which we usually avoid like the plague), as our options at home are really limited.  It was also like a hundred degrees out or whatevs, but that was fine.  It's been so cold this summer that a little heat feels good.  Plus... air conditioning.  Am I right?  This is neither here nor there, I suppose.  The point is that we went to some malls, and the girls picked out some clothing items, and there were a few sales.  I had just read an article about how clothing is up 10% across the board and stores are jacking up prices so they can have "sales."  And something about buttons adding an extra $7 to an item. My new found knowledge made me a little suspicious of the whole ordeal, not that THAT really mattered or anything because the girls needed clothing whether we were getting ripped off or not.  They've grown a lot this summer.  They need pants that fit.

P.S. The girls were so happy and appreciative--I don't know how many times they thanked us for their new clothes--and it was just a nice family day.  Maybe we should go to The Big City more often?  (Yeah, I know... that's just crazy talk.)

And can I just say, thank God for tall sizes?  In the '80s, I had to rock the high-waters whether I liked it or not.  (And I didn't.)  I'm glad my girls are spared the humiliation and agony.  Because that did NOT make me stronger.  It just made me bitter and a little depressed, and someday my future therapist and I are going to have a lot to talk about on the subject.

Which brings us to today!  I worked a full day, and then my parents invited us over for dinner, which was awesome because I had NOTHING planned at all, so that totally saved us.  And we just hung out on their patio and talked, and Mom wondered why I hadn't updated the blog, and then.  Um, I guess that's it.

Sorry... I'm not feeling the musical link tonight.  Nothing is speaking to me, and anyway, Eric wants the computer.  Next time.  Probably.

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