Tuesday, August 2, 2011

This monster in me

Johanna, who is filled with awesome, has redecorated my bedside table, or, more to the point (sorry; sometimes points just happen), has made me a monster collage over my very favorite photo of my girls, EVER (which is why it's on the bedside table):

I think I'll keep it up for a while.  Her monsters make me laugh.

I used to find Abby's artwork displayed all over the house, too, but now that she's 12, those days are pretty much over, unless you count all the mushrooms she's drawn and covered her bulletin board with (a la Mario Brothers, just FYI), but since THAT mess just stays in her room, it probably doesn't.

I kind of miss it.

Good thing Johanna is only 6.  (AND A HALF.  Do not forget that if you ever mention her age in front of her.)

Today's song is REM's "Circus Envy."  Listen, and you'll SEE WHY.  (Um, mostly because it's really the only song in my collection that mentions monsters at all.)

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