Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wish what I'm feeling could go on like this forever

Johanna has told me that I'm not fat, I'm fluffy.  Like Skilly.

(Skilly is clearly comfortable with his fluffiness.  Me, not so much.)

Fantastic.  I'm pretty sure I didn't need to add this particular worry to my already full 39-year-old plate.  I've got wrinkles and what appears to be a mustache.  Isn't that enough?

Tori Amos, "Daisy Dead Petals."  A B-side from the Cornflake Girl single (is it really the B-side when it's a CD and there ARE no sides?  And what about MP3s?  This makes my head hurt), in case you need to know that.  I like it very much.  And Tori always understands.

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